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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hells Angel associate, now aged 43, was sentenced to 14 yearsimprisonment

Hells Angel associate, now aged 43, was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in 2001 for the sickening attack a year earlier plus representative charges for violating a 13-year-old boy in a similar manner in 1991.
Under legislation at the time of his sentencing, the heavily tattooed sex offender must be released after two-thirds of his sentence ? meaning he is to be freed by January 5, 2010 at the latest. But the Department of Corrections has taken the rare step of applying for an order under Section 107 of the Parole Act 2002, to keep him in jail. The section can only be enforced if the Parole Board has sufficient evidence an offender is likely to commit a "specific" offence between release and the end of their sentence.

A hearing will take place later this week ? two months since the Parole Board imposed eight conditions relating to his release. They included he undertake, and complete, a raft of counselling programmes and treatment. Campbell was also banned from making contact with his victims, having contact with anyone aged 16 years or younger unless with approved supervision and possessing or consuming alcohol. During his 2001 trial in the Auckland High Court, Campbell was described by Detective Sergeant Adam Lough, officer in charge of the case, as a "calculating, manipulative sexual deviant who preys on teenage boys from single-parent families". In 2000, Campbell held the 14-year-old boy captive in a wardrobe and performed a series of indecencies on him after telling him he had nominated him for the Hells Angels, and that the boy would have to disappear for several months in a bid to secure his gang patch. The boy was then plied with booze, before Campbell initially made him perform oral sex on him and then sodomised him. The abuse continued when he pierced the boy's scrotum, inserting two rings. A day later Campbell forced his victim to strip naked, and tattooed him with a brickwork design from his groin to his buttocks using a home-made tattoo gun. The boy was then restrained in the wardrobe of Campbell's house in the North Shore suburb of Beach Haven, using shackles and chains. He was repeatedly beaten, had hot wax poured over his body and was again sodomised. The next day he was tied to a bed with chains, rolled onto his stomach, and branded on his lower back, causing second-degree burns. The boy escaped after being able to phone his family when Campbell left the house. Campbell was also found guilty of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy over a two-and-a-half month period in 1991. Shortly after he abused his first victim, Campbell moved to Australia and went on a fire-lighting spree which included the destruction of the central business centre of Beaudesert, west of the Gold Coast. In 1996 he was sentenced to nine years' jail for arson.

full-patch Hells Angels are Alan Peter Knapczyk, 35, and John Reginald Alcantara, 37, and the head of the Fort McMurray drug gang is Jeffrey Mark Caines, 36,

 full-patch Hells Angels are Alan Peter Knapczyk, 35, and John Reginald Alcantara, 37, and the head of the Fort McMurray drug gang is Jeffrey Mark Caines, 36, who earlier pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine, but is currently disputing certain parts of an agreed statement of facts.Alcantara – who was handed a 14-year prison sentence last Friday after being convicted of conspiring to traffic cocaine – today pleaded guilty to an identical charge.He admitted he had entered into an agreement to assist Caines traffic cocaine in Fort McMurray, but said he is not accepting that Knapczyk was part of it.Alcantara pleaded not guilty to charges of trafficking cocaine and committing an offence in association with a criminal organization while Knapczyk entered not guilty pleas to all three charges.Prosecutor Dennis Hrabcak told Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Sheila Greckol the Crown theory is that Alcantara and Knapczyk conspired with Caines to traffic cocaine in the Fort McMurray area at a kilo and multi-kilo level.Hrabcak said Caines was the head of a criminal organization that bought and sold cocaine using a network of suppliers, distributors and couriers that he had set up.He told the judge Caines made a 2005 agreement with members of the Hells Angels Nomad chapter and said Alcantara and Knapczyk eventually took over the agreement after a disagreement between the Edmonton Hells Angels and the Nomads over control of the agreement.Court heard the agreement involved the removal of any rivals of Caines’ drug gang, ensuring other suppliers in the area did not undercut his business and the protection of Caines and his distributors for a weekly fee of $20,000.
“Essentially it gave Caines free rein to supply cocaine in the specified area and protection for those he supplied,” said Hrabcak. “In return he paid a fee or tax to the individuals. The reputation of the Hells Angels was used to enforce the agreement.”
The prosecutor alleged Alcantara, who was then a prospect for the Hells Angels and sponsored by Knapczyk, was the front man in the agreement and collected the weekly fee while Knapczyk was the enforcer behind the scenes.Court heard the evidence in the case will come from intercepted communications from a police wiretap operation, cocaine seizures, surveillance from police investigators and both civilian and expert witnesses.The trio were part of a large group of drug dealers taken down in a 23-month joint investigation by various Canadian police agencies .

Two members of the Hells Angels pleaded guilty Monday morning to cocaine trafficking and conspiring to produce methamphetamine

Two  members of the Hells Angels pleaded guilty Monday morning to cocaine trafficking and conspiring to produce methamphetamine.The Crown has set aside two weeks in January for the sentencing hearings of John Virgil Punko and Randy Potts, who were arrested four years ago as part of a $10-million police investigation that targeted the East End Hells Angels."For this I'd sit on Christmas Day," said B.C. Supreme Court Justice Peter Leask.Punko will be sentenced Jan. 18 and Potts will be sentenced Jan. 25.
In July, a B.C. Supreme Court jury convicted the two full-patch gang members of weapons offences but found them not guilty of committing the crimes for a criminal gang.Last month, Leask ruled that the men would not be tried on charges of production and distribution of methamphetamines for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a criminal organization.

Christopher Brisson was cited for contempt of court Wednesday after refusing to testify earlier in the week against two longtime Hells Angels accused of violently attacking him

Christopher Brisson was cited for contempt of court Wednesday after refusing to testify earlier in the week against two longtime Hells Angels accused of violently attacking him. The move prompted prosecutors to drop charges against the gang associates.Brisson is expected to be sentenced Thursday morning. Queen's Bench Justice Shawn Greenberg said she couldn't ignore the major impact unco-operative victims and witnesses can have on the justice system.However, the judge has inquired whether the Crown has a policy when prosecuting contempt cases against alleged victims of crime.Brisson was allegedly beaten with a hammer and threatened with a gun during a December 2006 incident. He gave a statement to police and previously testified at a preliminary hearing, which resulted in Sean Wolfe and Corey MacInnis being ordered to stand trial.Brisson is behind bars awaiting sentencing next week for a home invasion. He refused to come out of his jail cell Tuesday and had to be forcibly brought to court under judge's orders. Brisson then refused to be sworn in or answer any questions when placed in the witness box.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Vagos Motorcycle Club harassing bikers in Kingman

Arizona Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (G.II.T.E.M. - pronounced Git-em) finally announced why it had been harassing bikers in Kingman, Arizona for the last six months. And, the Kingman Police Chief suggested there may be more harassment to come.The Gang Task Force claims it was only trying squash a ongoing “power struggle” between the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Vagos Motorcycle Club. Last August a Kingman police spokesman named Bob Fisk told the Kingman Daily Miner “that bikers aren’t particularly a problem in Kingman, but he’s worried that if police aren’t on top of the situation, the problems with riders in Bullhead City could spread to Kingman.”The “problems with riders in Bullhead City” was a fight June 11 at Lazy Harry’s Sunshine Saloon in Bullhead City. According to police, five Hells Angels and two Desert Road Riders attacked two Vagos. Last week a Gang Task Force spokesman named Ernie Severson explained that the fight put about a hundred other customers in the bar “at risk.”“Two females climbed over a railing and contemplated jumping down 20 to 30 feet to get away, if that tells you what it was like,” Severson said.After a six-month-long investigation by the Gang Task Force, Coconino, Yavapai and Mohave County Sheriffs and Kingman, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu and Bullhead City Police the fight at Lazy Harry’s was legally redefined and seven men were arrested last Wednesday for felony riot. Search warrants executed at the time of the arrests indicate the seven men may also be charged with “participation in a criminal street gang.” Police called the raids “Operation Quiet Riot.”The men arrested last week were: George Edward “Joby” Walters of Douglas, Arizona; Rudolfo John “Rudy” Martinez and Gerald Roy Smith of Rimrock, Arizona; Dale Leroy Hormuth and James “Stoney” Snider of Kingman; Stephen Michael Helland of Golden Valley, Arizona; and Clifford Daniel “Dan Da Man” Balentine of Bullhead City. Balentine is alleged to be a member of the Devils Disciples. Snider has been identified as a member of the Desert Road Riders. According to police, the other men are Hells Angels.An eighth man, John Ross Pemberton of Prescott Valley, was arrested and released for possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Pemberton’s home was also searched for evidence of “criminal street gang activity.” Pemberton is reportedly a member of the Arizona Nomads of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
All eight “raids” were effected in the blackest hour before dawn by police dressed like soldiers. Video released by the Arizona Department of Public Safety shows the cops arriving in multiple armored vehicles. All of the arresting officers wore body armor, Fritz helmets, fanny packs, canteens, and appeared to carry a basic load of approximately 900 rounds each.After the raids, Kingman Police Chief Robert DeVries warned that Operation Quiet Riot did not necessarily mark the end of harassment of bikers by police. DeVries said the police harassment was justified because “members of the public” were being harassed and intimidated by bikers.Last week, Bullhead City Police Chief Rodney Head said his intelligence indicates that there are about 20 Vagos and about six Hells Angels in Mohave County, Arizona.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gypsy Joker Lennard Mark Kirby is believed to have been shot up to three times in the chest and stomach after the shootout

Two bikies injured in shootout Refuse to let doctors remove bullets Decision might hinder investigation

TWO bikies injured in a shootout refused to allow doctors to removed the bullets from their bodies - a move police believe was a calculated attempt to hinder their investigation.Gypsy Joker Lennard Mark Kirby is believed to have been shot up to three times in the chest and stomach after the shootout on May 18. His bikie associate Alexandro John Scilio was shot once in the arm.Assistant Commissioner Wayne Gregson said investigators were aware that the bullets had not been removed by medical staff and remained inside the two men, PerthNow reports.Mr Gregson said police had applied for a search warrant to seize the bullets once they were removed during surgery, but the men refused to allow doctors to extract them.

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"We have no powers to conduct intrusive surgery to get exhibits," Mr Gregson told PerthNow this morning.

But Mr Gregson said the fact that police did not have the bullets to conduct ballistic examinations would not hamper the police investigation.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

48-year-old gang member from Wanganui has been charged with possession of cannabis

48-year-old gang member from Wanganui has been charged with possession of cannabis and a 41-year-old gang member from Wanganui has been charged with threatening to kill.Both men are due to appear at the Wanganui District Court on December 1.Police spokesperson Kim Perks said the raid began just before 7am when members of the Armed Offenders Squad entered the three-storey building and compound on Kaikokopu Rd."When police first arrived at the location there were three men inside the premises and entry was gained without incident."Around 35 police officers from Wanganui and Palmerston North were involved in the raid.Ms Perks said a small amount of cannabis was found at the address."Once the premises were cleared and secured, teams of police officers joined the operation to search the building and grounds, a process that took a number of hours."Ms Perks said the examination of the scene was wrapped up in the early afternoon.She said during the raid police used "distraction devices" which may have sounded in neighbouring houses like gunfire. Ms Perks said the raid followed an aggravated burglary at an address in Wanganui on October 3."During this incident a woman was assaulted and property including licensed firearms were stolen."All parties involved in that incident are believed to be known to one another."Ms Perks said a 32-year-old man from Wanganui has been charged in connection with the burglary and is currently remanded on 13 charges including threats to kill, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, aggravated burglary and commission of a crime with a firearm.A 33-year-old woman from Wanganui was also charged with accessory after the fact in the relation to the aggravated burglary. She is currently on bail.Both are due to appear in the Wanganui District Court on December 7.Ms Perks said a vehicle connected with the aggravated burglary was also recovered during yesterday's operation, although it was not found at the Kaikokopu Rd address.